Pectin Producers

Global Market Demand for Nature-Based Pectin Continues Growth Trend based on IPPA 2021 Market Survey 

Versatility & Label-Friendly Profile Supports Food/Beverage Innovation, Sustainability 

Brussels, February 2022 –The International Pectin Producers Association (IPPA), representing more than 85% of the world’s pectin producers, today issued findings from its Q2 2021 market survey, indicating continued market growth of pectin worldwide.


According to the survey, growth of the pectin market since 2019 is estimated at 1.30% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) and overall market volume for pectin in 2020 was approximately 60,000 metric tons.


Sourced primarily from apple pomace and citrus fruit peelscoming from fruit juice production, pectin is a natural fruit fibre used in a wide range of consumer products and applications for more than 200 years. In foods and beverages such as yogurts, jams, fruit-flavoured drinks and acidified dairy drinks, pectin serves as a versatile, natural and highly functional ingredient providing texture and stability. 


Because pectin benefits from a positive, recognizable profile among consumers, it is ideally suited for consumer products supporting clean label preferences, circularity and sustainability, including plant-based, organic, vegan and vegetarian product formulations.


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